As it stands, La Jolla is part of the City of San Diego, whose political leadership, staff resources, and focus are centered downtown, far removed from the important community needs we all share.

As a result of San Diego's growth, we La Jollans have seen a continued drain of our tax dollars, while services diminished, and the quality of life we are committed to protecting is threatened. We are convinced the time for the City of La Jolla is now.

Due to recent changes in State law that do no longer require San Diego City officials, and the stated "neutrality" of the current Mayor and District 1 Councilperson, we no longer face the legal and political constraints we faced in past and can now apply for Cityhood with the expectation that it will succeed.

All intervening paperwork has been completed, and the next steps are an updating of the 2005 Feasibility Study to factor in 2012-13 tax medians, which costs $40,000: A metes-and-bounds map to augment the map approved by LAFCO that is self-contained and logical but not yet surveyed by a Certified Assessor, at a cost of $40,000; the payment of State fees ($2.00 per Registered Voter in 92037) to culminate in a Ballot Measure and Vote in La Jolla. The total for this effort is $120,000.

The next substantial funding milestone is the costs associated with the Final Vote, which is the City of San Diego Vote. A majority of 50% plus one voter is needed for this to pass and then be ratified in State Legislature. The cost of same is estimated at: $1.5- 1.75M. This number plus the above-mentioned $120,000 covers the costs through to State Ratification. More information on the Legislative process in this regard may be found at:

It is important to note that the Ratification for an Annexation under the Corteze- Knox- Hertzberg Act of 2000 (as La Jolla's Incorporation would be) are considered time-of-the-essence Ratifications, as they have already passed vote in both affected municipalities.