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Part I

(Beginning of LAFCO Involvement)

Define Alternatives to Secession

Consult with LAFCO

Submit Fiscal Feasibility Plan

Define Logical Boundaries

Facilitate Early Discussions with Affected Agencies

Initial Fiscal Feasibility Review

Initiation By Petition of Registered Voters (Election fees)

Formation of Incorporation Proposal

Submission of Service Plan

Submission of Revenue Neutrality Plan

Map and Legal Description of Boundaries

Municipal Services Review (Police, Animal Control, Police Protection)

Part II

LAFCO Staff Analysis of Proposal

Establish Base Year Costs

Calculate Property Tax Transfer

Develop Budget Projections

Establish Budget Projections: Revenue (Franchise fees, Road related revenue, Transportation tax related revenue)

Establish Budget Projections: Expenditures

Determine an appropriations budget

Determine an appropriations limit

Effective data and transitions period

Indicate financial feasibility

Revenue neutrality process including method of calculation

Negotiate process of mitigation payments

Integration of CEQA with the recommendation

Executive officer's Report of Incorporation process

State controller's review of CFA

Commission hearing and decision

Elections for incorporation

(End of LAFCO Involvement)